Thank you, Mr. Patterson.

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Can’t stop thinking ‘bout that night. Magic isn’t even the word. You’re the first dude, I’m really, really interested in since fuckface/you-know-who. It also helps that you’re smart, funny, and attractive as fuuuck (pardon my language).

But I’ll never admit it, no sir.

I’m gonna let you chase me. I like being chased and you like TO chase.

Done deal.

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Ok, I usually don’t like to talk politics, but this is close to my heart, so I have to say something. I’ve been browsing the net and there is so much propaganda against the Ukrainian government and especially the police, but frankly most of it is a big pile of bs, but Americans and other western…

Please read this post.

I’m not approving the death and massacre that’s been going on between the people and the police. Horrible is an euphemism to describe all of this. It’s killing people and the city. But PLEASE, educate yourself on the situation before reblogging and liking posts. There’s more to this, than you see. It boggles my mind to see how mindlessly people believe everything that the media feeds us.

FYI, I’m Ukranian.

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Watched the final episode of Breaking Bad.

My emotions are all over the place. Don’t even know who to hate/love anymore. I’m so done right now.  I’m gonna miss this show. They went out with a bang. I need sleep…

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